Salespeople throughout Canada and the USA easily buy into the “enemy line,” “you can’t get sales in the summertime.” I’ve heard it many times during my career.  This short-sighted view of the sales process, when remedied, results in higher sales performance.

Kevin Pettie, of B2B Lead Generators, says, “I’ve been successful in sales because of what I did during the summer, not because of what I didn’t do.” There’s no doubt that summertime in Canada and the northern USA is the best time of the year to enjoy family, friends, and nature.  We don’t need excuses to take time off but what could we be doing in July and August to improve our sales performance from September through December? If you slack off completely through the summer, then September becomes a weak month as you restart all of our successful actions, establish new relationships and re-invent your job.  So the question that needs answering is: how do you make the best use of the summer slowdown to improve your fall sales and enjoy time off too? Let’s establish a guiding principle: Alice Meyerhoff, says, in her book Social Media for Salespeople: A Step-by-Step Guide to Increasing your Leads and Sales”  If I were to choose one word for salespeople and business owners to embrace it would be “consistency.” I completely agree and Kevin PettieB2B Lead Generators Business partner, says, “while others slacked off in sales during the summer, I was always building relationships, developing stronger tools and getting ready for the September rush; so I could meet or exceed expectations in my sales jobs.” Consistency in marketing and sales efforts, like the parable of the tortoise and the hare,  is the key to winning the race and using the summer to improve the fall requires a long-term rather than a short-term view.

The Summer Slowdown and How to use it to your Benefit

Let’s face it; there are some things you can’t control, and the summer slowdown is one of them.  Using the time to your advantage is critical.  You’re likely not going to be doing your regular sales work, but it’s an excellent time to:

  •     Engage through social media
  •     Build content and offers to promote in late August
  •     Create connections on LinkedIn and Twitter
  •     Build a prospect base in LinkedIn
  •     Revise the website and add valuable content for your prospects

Sounds like a lot of work but, marketing companies like B2B Lead Generators specialize in automating social media campaigns and building prospect bases as well as developing content for both web and blogs.  Once you have a plan in place and the right team engaged, then you can enjoy the summer season.

Quality time off with Family

So, instead of flagellating yourself because your sales are flat in July and August, congratulate yourself on your insight and hard work by taking the long view and preparing for a busy and effective fall. Collaborate with an Internet Marketer, like B2B Lead Generators.  We’ll help you develop your Summer Plan so that we can write your content and create infrastructure and you can enjoy your family.  We’ll maintain connectivity with you and your prospects through social media updates, blogging, and website updates.  Go on vacation, have a great time, and we’ll look after the marketing.  When September rolls around, you’ll be ready

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